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Jianfeng Pan

As a “Son of calligrapher”, Pan Jianfeng has been working as a visual artist for the past 17
years in Shanghai, China. He moved to the old town Porvoo, Finland in 2016. The self-exile to
Finland can be seen as his meditation on ink art through the “One breath” action, as well as a
new journey with other beings through his social calligraphy workshop.

He has titled his art practice as “Mindful Ink”. In recent years he developed a unique tech-
nique called “Paper on Ink”. He creates futuristic images through mindful writing rooted in tradi-
tional artistic approaches, and done with traditional tools. He seeks to transform calligraphy
practice,developed in East Asia throughout the centuries, into a third language, to heal the split
between our mind and body, west and east in the contemporary context.

Email: Phone: +358 449791638

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